Bridgify 1.05

This file contains some information on how to use Bridgify.


Bridgify does not need to be installed/uninstalled. Just extract bridgify.exe somewhere on your harddisk and run it. Bridgify does not make any changes to your registry or file system. Thus you can simply delete it if you no longer want it.

System Requirements

Bridgify requires Windows XP or later. Bridgify should run on any machine that meets the Windows system requirements. Note, however, that Bridgify needs somewhat free RAM to operate properly. Windows itself uses a lot of memory, so if you just have the minimum RAM required to run Windows, or if you are experiencing poor performance, make sure that no other applications are running while using Bridgify.

Entering a Deal

Entering a deal is somewhat nonintuitive at first, but it's not hard: Click the New button (or press F2). Type the cards that the players hold into the text boxes as follows:

For example: at2.q5..akqjt642 represents a hand with three spades (ace, ten, and two), two hearts (queen and 5), no diamonds, and eight clubs.

Loading a Deal From a File

Bridgify supports loading PBN files. PBN files are databases which contain bridge deals. To load a deal from a file, click the Load button (or press F3) and click the Open File button and select the file you wish to open. The contents of the file are displayed in the list box. Select a deal item and click Load (or double-click the deal item). If a file contains only one deal, it will load automatically.

Bridgify processes the command line and attempts to load the first file name it finds. This means that you can also load a file by dragging it to a Bridgify icon in Windows Explorer.

If the file contains information about the contract and cards played in this deal, you can replay the game by repeatingly clicking the Replay button (or pressing Insert). A blue pointer indicates the card or contract that will be replayed.

The file remains open until another file is opened or the file is closed using the Close File button in the Load dialog. Note that other programs cannot write to the file as long as it is open, so if you need to write to the file, you have to close it first.

Playing Cards

Bridgify shows you how many tricks each card will win. Optimal plays have green circle, the other cards have a red circle. If there are yellow circles with question marks, you need to wait until the results are available.

Just click on a card to play it (or click on the card circle), and click the Back button (or press Backspace or Alt+Left) to take back the last card, and click the Forward button (or press Shift+Backspace or Alt+Right) to undo the Back action. The To Start button (or pressing Home) returns to the first card or the Choose Contract step. You can do all this before the search has been finished, so for example, if you have a double-dummy-problem with a fixed opening lead, you don't have to wait for the search results for the various possible opening leads.

You can also play cards using the keyboard: Use the Left and Right keys to select a card (or use Tab and Shift+Tab), and press Enter to play this card. The currently selected card has a circle with a thick border. After playing a card, the first optimal card becomes the selected card. Thus to get an optimal line of play just keep pressing Enter.

Choosing the Contract

If you haven't specified the contract in the New Deal dialog box or when loading a deal from a file, there is an additional step before the play of cards which lets you choose the contract. Note that full deals and partial deals are handled differently:

You can also select the contract by using the keyboard: Use the Left and Right keys to select a trump suit (or Tab and Shift+Tab), and use the Up and Down keys (or PageUp and PageDown) to select the player. Press Enter to choose the selected contract.

When loading the deal from a file, and if the file contains information about the contract, there is an additional box which shows the actual contract from this game. The box is either red or green in order to indicate if this contract is successful.

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